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Date : January 2017

Moving AGAT-7 retro-computer project to the “Retrobyte” platform

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Published on: 12/01/2017

As you may remember, I’ve designed a universal platform for building retro-computers “Retrobyte”. I have successfully tested it by building the “Mikro-80” computer a few months ago and now I’m working on adapting my other retro-computer project “AGAT-7” to this platform. “AGAT-7” requires more functionality than “Retrobyte” has, so I’ve build an extension board for[…]

Twitter account has been added to the site: @EFunNet

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Published on: 10/01/2017

A blog format is not very suitable for short status updates of my projects, sharing ideas or interesting facts and news. So, I have created a twitter account to supplement the blog. You can now see the latest tweets on the right side of the home page. The detailed articles are still going to be[…]

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