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AGAT-7. Rev.0 summary and start of Rev.A design.

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Published on: 01/05/2013

I’m about to finalise my Rev.0 of the modern replica of the retro-computer “AGAT-7”. The next step will be Rev.A design with fixed mistakes, improvements and some new ideas. In this post I’m going to summarise the Rev.0 experience and share with you with some ideas for Rev.A. At the moment the Rev.0 computer starts[…]

Agat-7. Rev.0. Floppy-drives emulators.

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Published on: 17/08/2012

At the moment I’ve completed the schematics and I’ve started to work on PCB layout. There are going to be some changes caused by discovered mistakes or better layout. So, please, treat it as a draft on this stage. Please, let me know if you notice any mistakes. Today we will have a look at[…]

HD44780-compartible LCD display and STM32.

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Published on: 27/06/2012

HD44780-compartible LCD digital-alphabetical displays are very convenient to use in hobby projects. They exist in different sizes and are quite cheap. The most popular are 2 line modules with 16 characters per line (16×2). Also, 8х2, 16х1, 20х2, 20х4 and 40х2 modules exist. For my “AGAT-7” retro computer project I use 20×4 LCD module. Most[…]

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