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Date : August 2012

Agat-7. Rev.0. Floppy-drives emulators.

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Published on: 17/08/2012

At the moment I’ve completed the schematics and I’ve started to work on PCB layout. There are going to be some changes caused by discovered mistakes or better layout. So, please, treat it as a draft on this stage. Please, let me know if you notice any mistakes. Today we will have a look at[…]

Agat-7. Rev.0. Video output.

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Published on: 01/08/2012

I’ve spend some time to debug STM32L based 140K “floppy-drive” for my “Agat-7” replica project. It is already perfectly workable in read only mode. I transferred it to SPI interface to save some FPGA pins and now I need only 5 pins instead of 12. For 840K floppy drive it will save even more pins.[…]

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