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Date : April 2012

Agat-7. Project concept.

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Published on: 11/04/2012

Lets discuss the concept of the replica of Agat-7 computer. This version is not final and can be (and most likely will be) adjusted. As usual, all your ideas are welcome! CPU. A Bulgarian 6502 clone CM630 will be used as CPU in the project. But it can be changed to any other 6502 clone[…]

Agat-7. Introduction.

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Published on: 02/04/2012

After the trial project of the “UT-88′ computer, lets start with a much more serious project. We will design and build another Soviet computer – AGAT-7. In this case the DE1 board will be used only for prototyping – the computer will be built on its own board. So, lets see what this computer was.[…]

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