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Date : June 2012

HD44780-compartible LCD display and STM32.

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Published on: 27/06/2012

HD44780-compartible LCD digital-alphabetical displays are very convenient to use in hobby projects. They exist in different sizes and are quite cheap. The most popular are 2 line modules with 16 characters per line (16×2). Also, 8х2, 16х1, 20х2, 20х4 and 40х2 modules exist. For my “AGAT-7” retro computer project I use 20×4 LCD module. Most[…]

Apple Bluetooth adapter for Hackintosh

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Published on: 20/06/2012

As I’ve promised in one of my previous posts, I’m going to tell how to connect an original Apple Bluetooth module to a Hackintosh. The Apple Bluetooth module has some advantages compared to a Bluetooth USB dongle, because it is 100% compatible with Mac OS and allows perfect work of a wireless Apple keyboard, mouse[…]

Overview of KiCAD – free electronics design program.

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Published on: 13/06/2012

KiCAD is a program for electronics design. It includes schematic editor, PCB editor, Gerber files viewer and some utilities. It has a 3D modelling capability as well, but the render quality is lower than of competitors. Nevertheless it is more than enough for visual design check and enclosure allocation. There are Windows and Linux versions[…]

Hackintosh. Part 3. Installation.

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Published on: 05/06/2012

So, all components are bought and it is time to build the computer. The NZXT Hush 2 case that I’ve chosen is quite convenient for building a computer. The cable management space is wide enough, but the rubber garments on the holes to this space fall away easily which is a bit disappointing. The chosen[…]

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